Those puffy sleeves and curled bangs tell you right away that our blessed event took place in the 80’s. 

>> Advice to those of you thinking about your future wedding…if you want your wedding photos to be timeless like an Audrey Hepburn kind of classic style, choose a dress and hairstyle that will stand the test of time…I must have missed that memo!<<

When I look at our young faces I wish I could go back and whisper some truths that would take the sting out of some of the hard things we’ve walked through.

“Don’t take yourself so seriously.”

“Perfect doesn’t exist.”

“Admit you’re wrong and move on.”

“Don’t keep score.”

“Give each other the benefit of the doubt…you married a good-willed person!”

“Make the bed.”

“Even Otters need routine.” (What is your personality type animal?)

“Take care of your body – for crying out loud, you won’t always look like this!”

“Pray before you speak. Pray before you eat. Pray before you make big decisions. Pray with your children. Pray together.”

“Breathe – life is so short.”

“Watch the sunset.”

“Read your Bible everyday and memorize scripture.”

“Find out how each other feels loved and then love like that.” If he needs words of affirmation then by all means tell him what you love about him!

“Hold hands more.”

“Choose each other over everyone else.”

“Love really does cover all sorts of sin and it makes healing possible.”

I’ve been fortunate to be married to this kind man who is strong and steady. He tells me I’m beautiful even when I can’t see it.

Thank you, Jeff. You are more than I had hoped for or imagined when I was practicing my signature in 4th grade – Mrs. Jeff Vander Voort 😉❤️

Jeff Christi Vander Voort