One day last Christmas, I noticed all of our ornaments that were hanging approximately 3 feet off the ground had green scribbles all over them. I immediately assumed Lottie and Laney were being sneaky, trying to get away with something while I wasn’t looking. But there was something about the scribbles, only on the balls that were light enough to show the green crayon, colored on hard enough that it was illuminated by the lights. I thought, before I react, I’ll just ask. “Lottie, what’s on the ornaments?”
“A surprise for you, mom! I wanted them to be beautiful.” Her little face beamed as she watched me discover her surprise. 

I’m so thankful God speaks. And I’m always humbled at how often He draws me near through my children. I’m reminded to always ask questions. To listen first. To look at the actions of others and seek to understand, to see the beauty they are trying to unveil. I can’t control everything, and it’s a good thing! What beautiful ornaments I would have missed out on if so ❤️

Ali Hofmeyer