We remember how they waited. The world was dark and broken. Sin was overwhelmingly present and evil seemed to reign. Yet, they waited. They held fast to a hope that someone would come. The Messiah, the Promised One, the Savior. In desperation for victory over their oppression, they watched and prayed for rescue.

As I reflect on how the Israelites must have felt in the time just before Jesus was born on Earth, I can’t help but see similarities to our world today. Darkness. Brokenness. Hatred, pride, selfishness. Anger, idolatry, oppression. God’s people knew the scriptures and prophecies that spoke of a savior, and they chose to wait expectantly. They saw the weight of sin in the world and the depth of their need for the Messiah to come. They studied the Word and intentionally watched with joy, anticipation, and certainty that he would come. 

I began to ask myself this question – in this Advent season, am I watching and waiting expectantly for Jesus to come again? 

Am I studying the scriptures, reading the prophecies, and praying for a return of the King? Do I notice the brokenness in the world around me and see the depth of our need for him in this world? My heart was convicted…

I want to be ready. Just as God’s people awaited His first coming, I want to eagerly watch and pray for His second coming. I want to be zealous for the Glory of God and the return of Christ Jesus to Earth, where he will defeat the evil one and reign forever as King. May I always be proclaiming the gospel everywhere I go and testifying to the redeeming power of the Cross. May this be my heart’s desire and my mind’s focus – a deep, real longing for Jesus to come again to Earth and reign as our Savior and King.

So let us wait. Let us hold fast to the hope and knowledge that our King will return and make all things new. May we study His Word and know His truth. Let us speak of His goodness and proclaim His gospel. May we lift our hands and eyes to the heavens, worshipping the Christ who came and will come again. With joy, anticipation, and certainty, may we wait for the return of the King.

~ Brooke Vander Voort

Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash