I can so vividly remember sitting in church, listening to some of my favorite worship music, and refusing to engage.

Nothing like a grown woman giving God the silent treatment. I was so emotionally and physically exhausted.  I had nothing left to give.  And I associated worshiping God with one more thing I had to do.  One more person to please, to serve, to give to.

Well, I was depleted.  I had nothing left to give, and I was sick of him asking. And then my pastor took the stage and introduced the new sermon series: 
He Restores My Soul.

We were going to spend the next month talking about our souls.  How to care for them, heal them, restore them.  How to rest them. 

I absorbed every single word of that sermon.  It was like water during a drought that I didn’t even know was happening.  I remember thinking, “I’ve been in church my entire life.  This shouldn’t feel so new to me.”

But somewhere in my subconscious, I had bought into the lie that God somehow is reflected in this achievement culture we live in.  That He wants more, demands better, is never satisfied.  And as I let the words of Scripture seep into my weary soul, I was reminded of truth.. “my yoke is easy and my burden is light” “I take hold of your right hand and say to you, do not fear, I will help you”    “He restores my soul”    I encourage you, in all your free time 😉, to check out the sermon series: Indian Creek Community Church

But here’s the main jist.  Your soul requires care.  Just as your physical body needs nutrition and movement and sleep.  Just as your emotional self needs relationships and acceptance.  Your soul is the core of who you are and informs your will, your desires, your motives.  When this is neglected, you can see how it can throw you, your whole self, for a pretty negative loop.

God was so gracious to me on that Sunday, as He always is.  Even though I approached my worship experience with crossed arms and an unwilling spirit, He spoke gently to me.  He reminded me that the fatigue and unachievable pressure I felt was not from him.  And that He wanted nothing from me but to restore my soul.

~Ali Hofmeyer

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