Throughout my life I’ve let other people name me.

“You’re so-and-so’s sister”
“You’re the cheerleader”
“You’re a mother and wife”

But some names have been whispered to me from a tape that plays in my head.

“You’re fat”
“You’re ugly”
“You’re not smart enough”
“You’re going to end up alone”

BUT GOD says that:

I am chosen
I am loved
He saved me
He redeemed me from the pit
He is for me
He admires me
He sings over me
He has a plan for me
I am enough
I am blessed
I am made perfectly
I am holy
I am the apple of His eye
I am more than a conqueror
I am a co-heir with Christ
I am seated in heavenly places
I am rooted and grounded in love
I am an overcomer
I am healed
I am FREE!

Sister, EVERYTHING God says about you is true and today is the day we need to choose to believe it.

~ Christi Vander Voort

#DearYoungerMe #DaughteroftheKing #whoGodsaysyouare

* Dear Younger Me is a series of writings from Christi Vander Voort. Lord willing, these will be published in her new book in the not so distant future. Stay tuned! *