Spring is here! Well, technically. In the Midwest we could possibly have a few more weeks of winter. 😳🤭🤫 You really never know. ❄️❄️
But… some of you were asking about Spring Cleaning, decluttering, organizing, etc recently. I don’t have a solid routine for Spring Cleaning, but we are in the process of moving. So, if that doesn’t get you in the zone for decluttering and organizing, I don’t know what will! 

Here’s my approach, but certainly give us all your tips and tricks in the Comments below. This is one process that always needs refining! ☑️

Because we sold a house and have to wait a few months to move into our next house, we will have a short time in a rental. While that might sound a little annoying, I’ve found it to be a good thing in the sense that I’m forced to sort and decide – What’s going into storage and what’s going to the rental? At this point, only the bare bones are going to the rental! So I’ve been making piles: Storage, Give away, and Sell online. 

Once we move in to our final destination, I plan to ruthlessly ask myself, “Did I really miss _____ while it was in storage?” If the answer is No or if I completely forgot I owned this pan, pair of shoes, or random piece of decor, then I am pitching it!

Of course, there are seasonal items and keepsakes! I won’t be missing my Christmas decorations in June and some family keepsakes won’t be sorted through. But you catch my drift. If you never missed it over the course of several months, this might be your hint to consider if you really need it. Be a ruthless editor of what comes into and stays in your home. 🏡

~ Jillian Combs

Photo by HiveBoxx on Unsplash