Lately there feels like a lot of uneasiness and angst with the ever-changing realities of COVID-19 and the election just a few days away. If I sit in my swirling thoughts for too long I can go down some random, crazy and worry-filled rabbit trails of what-if’s. 

But this fall I’m in a bible study that’s studying Genesis. In the notes, I read, “God seldom accomplishes His plans the way we would…

God chooses to accomplish His plans in ways that astound us.”

Isn’t that the case throughout Scripture?! I am holding onto those truths and the fact that I don’t always know best. But God does!!

Similar to Brooke’s post last week, there’s a song that’s really encouraged me lately. “Evidence” by Josh Baldwin. The lyrics of this song remind me that God has done so much and has been so faithful. One line says, “I see the evidence of Your promise all over my life.” 

Especially in the coming week as emotions rise and the media gets louder, let’s sit back, pick up our Bibles and set down our worries. Take a deep breath. (Preaching to myself here too!) God is still on the Throne, and a president isn’t our Savior. Let’s remember and rest in the evidence of God’s goodness in our lives. 

– Jillian Combs

Photo by David Brooke Martin on Unsplash