/ˈfäTHər/ noun

Being a father takes a special kind of man- a man who is a protector and provider, a man who is a hard worker and sacrificial with his own time, a man that is rooted in knowledge and wisdom and leads his family in truth- My dad is that kind man and more.

To my Dad


Dad, you are a truth-talker, God-seeker, and encourager to every person you meet. You can engage in conversations anywhere and with anyone. You are a blesser of people and truly loved by everyone who meets you. 

Dad, you are someone who has always been one of the most influential people in my life. You have spoken truth to me (even when it hurt) so that I would grow to trust your every word. You have encouraged me and found a genuine interest in every one of my adventures, which has caused me to dream bigger and strive for more every step of the way. You have taught me to give my very best, even in the menial tasks. You have shown me how to genuinely love, be stronger than I thought possible, and find my hope in trusting Jesus.

Dad, looking back over the years, you have impacted the lives of so many people – I have watched you, counsel, care for, minister to, impact, inspire, celebrate, encourage, equip, save, influence, and lead hundreds and probably thousands by your example.

Dad, you are a difference-maker, you are leaving a golden legacy for all the generations that follow you. I’m proud to be your daughter. I love you and celebrate you today. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!