[This is our 2nd post on Courtney Reissig’s book, Glory in the Ordinary. See part 1 here.]

Today as I started one load of laundry, folded another, and made the bed, I was reminded that these small chores matter. Every day we bring order out of chaos when we do laundry, make meals and clean up the aftermath, and tidy up the house. We sort the mail, pay bills, write to-do lists and facilitate bath time. In this work, we image our Creator because He works and created us in the beginning to work – to cultivate the land and be fruitful. Of course, after Genesis 3 this work is not as stainless as it originally was before sin entered! And it’s the difficulty of work that is a result of the Fall, not work itself. But isn’t this hope-filled?! I image God when I do work! We all do. Whatever work it is – inside the home as a parent and spouse, or outside the home as a teacher, auto-repair technician, clerk, lawyer or sales rep – we are reflecting God because He created us to work!

But we also know that the in-home work never ends, and with that comes this tension between the people in the home and the work they create for us! Every time you turn around there is more laundry piled up – thanks, teenage children!, and more crumbs under the highchair – high fives, toddlers! 🖐🏻 Thankfully God ultimately brings order into and out of our chaos through Jesus dying on the cross and giving us His righteousness. The Holy Spirit in us is the best Helper we could ask for and He gives us patience, kindness, joy, and love to extend in the midst of all the chaos. And, God is present and working in all of the little moments just as much as He is in the bigger ones. Paul Tripp says, “Our lives are comprised of 10,000 little moments and maybe only 3 or 4 dramatic ones.” 

That quote hits home! I want to live faithfully in those little moments that end up being teaching times for my family. How do I react to bad news? Am I defensive when I am criticized? What is my response to my toddler’s Crayola® experience on my expensive kitchen table? 😳 Do I set aside time to praise my kids and just visit with them, or do I constantly rush and hustle from one appointment and meal to the next?

Courtney Reissig in her book Glory in the Ordinary said, “The work of the home is as much about the relationships you have with the people of the home as it is about the tasks of the home.” Work is an opportunity to love God through loving others. Often our children, especially little kids, cannot give us anything in return for our work. Sometimes a thank-you is hard to come by! But this is a daily opportunity to serve and love our neighbor – even the neighbor right next to us in their booster seat!

Have you ever thought about the fact that you image God when you work? What are ways you can invest in the 10,000 little moments as opposed to focusing on the 3 or 4 dramatic ones?

~ Jillian Combs

Photo by Rick Mason on Unsplash