Our Lifetime Remedy team was recently talking about our desire to encourage each of you to leave a legacy in this life and afterward as you move on to Glory! That got me thinking. What kind of legacy do I want to live and leave? A legacy of hope, faith, generosity, kindness, discipleship, courage, honesty, bravery and leadership were things that came to mind. I also thought about impactful people in my life and my Grandma Lila rose to the top. Among other things, she left a legacy of generosity and hospitality.

Grandma lived to the fruitful age of 89! And truly until the day she died, she was giving her time, gifts, and money to serve others and host people in her home. I often joked that for being in her 80’s and a widow, her social calendar was much more full than mine 😂 Countless meals did she deliver to a friend in need or a family with a new baby. She made treats for every church event on the calendar and was quick to take me to our local tearoom for lunch and pick up the check.

For years I served in a ministry role where I raised my salary from churches and other missions-minded believers. She and my grandpa gave so generously, and that was minor compared to the summer where I lived with them between high school and college. I was in a pinch and they were so quick to say – “Come stay with us!”

When you think about your legacy, what do you hope for? In Psalm 90, Moses reminds the Israelites that all of our days are numbered and asks God for help to teach us how to live each day carefully and with wisdom! Moses wanted to leave a legacy, and he pointed his people toward God and sought refuge in Him.

What legacy are you leaving? What do you need to say “No” to so that you can say “Yes” to something else that will matter for the lifelong effort of leaving a legacy?

~ Jillian Combs