First of all, I need to say our marriage didn’t start out with us praying together. We usually avoided talking about anything spiritual at all. Truthfully, our marriage was in trouble. We were both doing our own thing and going our way. We had moved to Sioux Center, where we knew no one, and I was missing my life in Iowa City. Bill was busy trying to start a dental practice. We realized later that we had neighbors who not only befriended us but were praying for us. Over time we both gave our lives to Jesus at different times without telling the other until months later. Things didn’t change overnight, but it was the beginning. I need to say this because seemingly hopeless relationships and situations can change, but it does take time.

Our children were young and friends gave us a children’s devotional book called, “Little Visits with God.” There was a little prayer after each one so after reading to our children we would pray with them. That was the beginning of our praying together. So much healing, encouragement, and bonding can take place when you pray for one another. My thoughts have been, “If I don’t pray for my husband and children who will? No one cares as much about them as I do.”

Somewhere along the line in our marriage, I began to realize that praying for my kids worked better than nagging. I prayed very specifically sometimes over their report card, for God to work in areas. And for my husband, if Bill and I disagreed on something, I prayed about it, and he changed his mind, I changed mine, or there was a compromise neither of us had thought of up until that point!

God’s Word encourages us to pray for one another. Pray that your husband won’t fall into temptation (Matthew 26:41); pray without ceasing as you go through your day (1 Thessalonians 5:17). I remember seeing the movie “War Room” in the theaters a couple of years ago. It was about a woman who started specific prayer for her husband and how God changed both of them. It was a very powerful movie.

Shortly after becoming believers and trusting Jesus with our lives, I got a call that my grandfather, who we both thought the world of, suddenly passed away. Bill was mowing the lawn and I went out to tell him. He held me and prayed. There is nothing more comforting. Then as we walked through the year and a half with Bill’s diagnosis of a brain tumor (stage four and quite large), we prayed together every night. I think that was the only way we were able to get some sleep and get through it.

Your situation may not be that critical now but someday it may be. I encourage you to begin now praying for your husband and with him. You can start it, you don’t need for it to be his idea. I promise you, it will change your marriage and your lives.

~ Pat Estes

Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash