🤓 Nerd alert!  

Who likes the process of decluttering and organizing?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Yup, that’s me with the hand raised! I love decluttering and organizing just about anything. In fact, I’ve spent a fair bit of time over the years with one member of the Lifetime Remedy team working on some major decluttering. High fives for both of us – we’ve accomplished so much. I thoroughly enjoyed it! She, however, might have experienced it as cruel and unusual punishment. 😉

Back to School time and the New Year feel like natural seasons to sort through the stuff and get organized around the house! BUT, I hear you if you’re stiff-arming me and saying, “Yeah right. Why fix what’s not broken?” and “We’re getting along just fine as it is!” I hear you, girl! You might prefer to ignore the clutter rather than tackle it. But have you ever thought about how physical clutter can feel like mental clutter too? Just kind of hanging out in the back of your mind? Even my unnamed Lifetime Remedy teammate says, “I feel better and more free when everything is organized.” 🙌🏻

So I recommend keeping it simple and starting small. It can certainly feel overwhelming.

Let’s try this: Maybe this week you tackle your kitchen? Just start with one drawer or cabinet. Maybe it’s the silverware and utensils. How many wooden spoons or spatulas does one girl need?! Emily Ley in her book The Simplified Life has a motto of “Best, Favorite, Necessary.” 

So, completely empty that drawer. This is key. You can’t just look through your collection of ladles and measuring cups. You have to handle each piece one by one. Now, go through each and every item thinking – is this my best spatula? My favorite? Necessary if I have three others?! If yes, keep it! If no, make a trash or Goodwill pile. 

You can really get on a roll with this I think. So take the next drawer. Little by little you will see progress. I use this same method in each area of my house – the pantry, the bathrooms, my closet, and so on. 

How do these little projects feel to you? Easy breezy? Or a real mountain to climb? I’d love to hear! Message me if it feels like a real mountain. I can shoot you some more tips and encouragement.

~ Jillian Combs