As a first-time mom, you have told me that you didn’t know what you were doing and that you were scared. You have told me about the mistakes you made as a parent and looking back should have done things different (but haven’t we all said that in all areas of our life). You have apologized for doing things to me and saying things that may have not been “motherly”. You have confessed to holding me back when you should have let me fly. 

Mom, I have done some things different because of the mistakes that you have made and the humble warnings that you have given, but Mom, the things you confess are not the things I remember.

Mom, what I remember is you studying the word of God and loving my dad with your whole heart.  I remember you praying for me, taking your entire day to drive an hour each way to come have lunch with me, being proud that my friends came to you with their problems, and trusting that you would have my back. I remember you always having the answers, for showing me goodness in the bad, for being at the birth of my first child, and desperately pleading with the airline to get you there because you had missed your flight. I remember you encouraging me when I thought I couldn’t make it, for being a role model as a wife, for encouraging me to put my husband first, for striving to do things well, for sacrificing yourself to a selfish teenager, for believing there will be restoration in broken relationships, for being faithful church goers, for teaching me how to serve, for making me laugh harder than humanly possible, for never giving up, and for dreaming with me as I explored the possibilities. Mom, I remember crazy adventures like getting stuck in a snowstorm (in our slippers), shopping in Hobby Lobby for 6 hours, and you teaching me to drive a stick shift while nearly getting killed as I stalled the car in oncoming traffic. There are so many good and amazing memories that I have of you as I have grown up.

Mom, as a little girl, you were somebody I dreamed of becoming, and today you are my best friend and someone I still long to be like. It is my honor to arise and call you blessed. Thank you, mom, for being my beautiful “little mama”. I love you!

Kimber Krosschell