We all have wounds, cuts that run deep. Painful experiences, discouraging diagnoses, lessons we’ve learned, faith that’s been tested and tried. When we are wounded deeply or walking through immense pain, we often find ourselves at the end of our rope. Stripped of the identity of who we thought we were, confused by people or ideas we thought we understood, grieving a life that once was, or wondering why sickness and loss seem to be so prevalent in our lives.

In these times our knees hit the floor and we cry out to God for rescue and relief – waiting, praying, weeping. And, in His perfect time and authority, He is Faithful to rescue His children out of the darkness. It is then that we see and understand the weight of God’s grace and love for us. We see how badly we need Him – when desperation and grief are all we feel. It is HE, the Almighty One, who reaches down to draw us out of the pit and gives new hope, rest, and redemption. We finally understand that we are weak, and He is strong. We are helpless on our own, and He is perfectly powerful. And our thankfulness for God and His goodness overflows from our innermost being. 

In time and through His grace, we are able to step forward in renewed strength and perspective. We are able to share our stories and battles with those around us, preaching the goodness and faithfulness of God amidst the grief because we know what it’s like to walk through fire, and we’ve seen a Mighty God who does mighty things.

So let us encourage one another, faithfully walking with those who are suffering and covering them in truth, prayer, and the presence of Jesus. 

Let us use our own wounds and deepest hurts to declare what He’s done for us, to share the gospel, and to give our utmost praise to the Glory of God, for He is full of love and always good.

~ Brooke Vander Voort