Parasites and the Full Moon!

Who Me? 😮 Could be!

Every day we consume pathogens through our food and drink, animal affection, and by touching our mouth and nose. The good news is- God designed our bodies to be able to naturally rid itself of any of these unwanted invaders.


What happens when our bodies are not working properly and those pesky invaders have taken up residence? They can cause havoc inside our bodies and make us sick.


What does the full moon and parasites have to do with each other?

Parasites become very active and increase their movement in our bodies, including reproducing around the full moon.

Along with the natural ability to rid pathogens from our systems, God created us with an innate rhythm called our Circadian Rhythm to control the hormone production within our bodies. (Hint, pathogens love hormones!)

During the full moon cycle the rhythm or energy of the earth’s atmosphere affects the circadian rhythm within our bodies making our body produce more serotonin and less melatonin. (also, the reason you may have had a bad night of sleep, last night!)

Parasites LOVE serotonin as it stimulates our muscles. This allows the parasites to move about more freely in our bodies- taking up residence in different locations. Serotonin also feeds the parasites helping them to reproduce and get stronger!

Another interesting way parasite’s use serotonin is to communicate with each other and create biofilms in your body (think of the plaque that develops on your teeth). This allows them to inhibit our immune system’s from getting rid of them.

If you have a parasitic infection you may feel very unwell around the week of the full moon. If you find yourself feeling:

✒︎very depressed
✒︎craving sugar
✒︎unable to sleep
✒︎increased levels of pain in your body
✒︎general weakness and fatigue

it may be due to this higher level of parasite activity.

If you are concerned that you may have unwanted invaders taking up residence in your body, PM me and let’s discuss a plan to get rid of those pesky pathogens. You may be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to feel better again.

Kimber Krosschell FDN-P
Diagnostic Health Practitioner

Photo by Griffin Wooldridge on Unsplash