“Sunshine streaming in and imagination at work..”

I often find myself watching Jeffrey, my 2-year-old son, fascinated with how his imagination works wonders. Creating beautiful little pieces of artwork, telling grand stories with his animals, scooping up piles of laundry pretending he’s digging for gold.

It makes me realize how we are all Imago Dei, made in the image of God. He is the ultimate Creator, the One with perfect and sovereign “imagination”. He has created the most beautiful things, told the most wonderful stories, and has thoughts high above our own.

How lovely that our God designed us with a small reflection of his own Creative-ness. My heart fills with joy watching my own son paint with delight this morning… And I can’t help but realize that God, too, creates with delight. Jeffrey’s imagination is only a fraction of how grand, powerful, and wholly perfect the creating mind of God is. He brings beauty, life, and restoration to everything we know.

So I stand here in the sunlight thinking my son’s little painting is so good. But oh, how I marvel in awe of the One whose Creation is perfectly good.
If I am joyfully overwhelmed by my son and his little, simple earthly work, I am compelled now to be on my knees, face down, worshipping the ultimate Creator for his Perfect Work.

– Brooke Vander Voort