It’s the month of love and we have some pretty fun things planned around here for this coming month! The Lifetime Remedy team met in January to discuss what February could look like and we were all very impressed by the way one of our members celebrated Valentines Day.

I don’t want to give it away because she’ll be sharing with us her family’s unique tradition with us soon, but it got us thinking about how we can look at this month of love in different ways than the stereotypical, commercialized way we’re used to.

So this month we’ll be sharing different stories and perspectives of what serving one another in LOVE looks like. Along with our stories we’ll also be having a super fun giveaway for Valentine’s Day that you won’t want to miss! More details coming soon. 🙂

But for now I want to share a little story of when I was shown love.

Sacrificial love in any relationship, be it with a parent, sibling, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or  friend means loving the other person with good intentions, good actions, and with no regards to yourself.

When I was in my third year of teaching a student came to me one spring morning with 6 tulips wrapped in paper towels. My students knew how much I loved tulips and they even knew that we’d be learning about Tulip Time and Tulip Festival and all things Dutch that week.

Maybe this student thought that bringing me these flowers she’d get on my “good side,” but I think as a 4th grader her heart was so pure and she only had good intentions. It brought a smile to my face and that day was better because of that sweet girl.

We’re excited to share more love stories throughout this month! If you have one you’d like to share please send it our way! We’d love to read it or even publish it to our website. 

Happy love month, friends. Let the never ending, never failing love of Jesus be ever present to you! <3

– Lauren McDonald
Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash