2020 – A year quite unlike any other. 

My dear friends, if you’re walking through deep, rough waters this year, take heart. God is always, always up to something good. Even when we can’t see it, He’s working. He goes before us, He never leaves us; there’s nothing His love won’t endure. I encourage you to listen to this song with me – let it be the cry of our hearts – a cry of truth that God is always faithful and always up to something good.

Something Good

(Gateway Worship)

When I’m in the roughest water

I won’t go under, i won’t drown

And when i’m in over my head

I know that you won’t let me down

When I’m broken

And down to nothing –

I know that you are always up to something good

I know that you are always up to something good

You’ll make a way, whatever it takes

There’s nothing Your love won’t endure

I know that you are always up to something good 

Even through the deepest valley

You go before me, You are here

For I know You’ll never leave me

Your love surrounds me, I won’t fear

Through the darkest night You are on my side

You are always faithful

Through my fear and doubt

You will lead me out

I know You are always able

There is hope. Our God is The Almighty One, The Sovereign One, The Beginning and the End. He’s on the throne, no matter what. The work of the cross is finished – Christ has won! 

When we feel overwhelmed by the rough waters and our hearts can’t handle the brokenness of this world…. let us sing out this song, and remember His Goodness.

– Brooke Vander Voort

Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash