❄️❄️❄️❄️ During this last snowstorm, my little mama (I call her that because she is just the cutest little 5’1 package) was visiting from Arizona, and we decided to go for a short drive around town. I wanted to show her how the City of Orange City does such a wonderful job with our streets by managing all the snow removal. I told her I would warm up the car and to just jump in… slippers on and no coat, we were not getting out!

We had a wonderful picture-taking time. She was simply amazed at all the beauty of the snow. And then we took one wrong turn. If I had gone straight, I knew for certain we would not make it, so I decided to hit the gas and go for it. My plan did not work and we were stuck! 🤦🏼‍♀️
Humbly and regretfully I called my husband (and then he called his friend) to come and dig us out. I had made a wrong turn and got stuck, and my tribe had to come to help us out!

As I reflected on this experience, I couldn’t help but think about life and how important it is to have a “tribe” that you can call on for help. I’ve been the tribe before, helping out a friend who needed kids picked up from school, a listening ear, a meal brought in and even a good ‘re-direction’ talk. But I have also needed my tribe to walk with me as I journeyed in the valley of despair, share with me a podcast during confusing times, and encourage me to find the strength that I didn’t know I had. 

Lifetime Remedy wants to be a part of your “tribe.” ❤️ We want to encourage you, pray with you and walk beside you during those ‘wrong turn’ times. We also want to encourage you to be a member of someone else’s tribe. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 reminds us that we are to encourage one another and build each other up. Being a member of a tribe and having a tribe is a part of the Christian experience. God never intended for man to be alone. We need each other.

We will all make wrong turns in life; it’s important that we have a godly tribe to surround us and help us. We will all be better for it.

Together building legacy lives,