Y’all, I am a little bit blown away right now. I just sat down to work on this post and wondered what Zacharias’s name means.
It means, “The Lord has remembered.” WOW! In my last post, we talked about God’s faithfulness even when it hurts too much to hope and believe. Y’all, even Zacharias’s name points to God’s faithfulness! “The Lord has remembered” was a banner over his entire life and inside his very being.

  • Every time his mom spoke his name,
  • Every time his dad corrected him,
  • Every time his friends asked him to play,
  • Every time Elizabeth called him to supper,
  • The ONE TIME his name was “chosen by lot” to perform his priestly duties…

The Lord Has remembered!!!
The Lord Has Remembered!
The Lord Has Remembered!

How often did Zacharias feel forgotten?

Yet! The very next time someone spoke his name, THE LORD HAS REMEMBERED!
And let’s not forget that THE LORD HAS REMEMBERED is the father to the forerunner of Christ! GLORY!

After all of those years of waiting for the Messiah, a man was born that would be named, The Lord Has Remembered. He would have to wait 80 years to have a child that would be the forerunner of Christ.
God is ok with our waiting and our discomfort and even our unhappiness.

Waiting changes us, humbles us, prepares us for the things He wants to do in our lives. We see it in the life of Joseph, the life of Jacob, the life of Zacharias.

Are you in a long season of waiting?
Friend, The Lord Remembers!

~ Donna Durham