Hey there, I’m Ali! I’m awkward at intro posts because I like to dive deep into heartfelt conversation, so transitioning from fun facts about me to the real “meat” of who I am always feels clunky…so let’s go straight to the good stuff!

I’m a midwestern girl, born and raised. I moved around a lot as a kid and have continued that pattern as an adult. My family and I are now living in the Kansas City area. I’m married to Jason, the most tender, loyal, and hard-working guy I know. We have two little girls, Charlotte (“Lottie”) and Eleanor (“Laney”). My girls are as opposite as they could possibly be, so parenting each of them well throws me for a loop all day every day. ☺️ We have been foster parents as well and are passionate about redefining home and family in a way that reflects the heart of Jesus.

I work part-time for an incredible company, Text In Church, where I get to pour my writing skills into helping churches leverage technology to reach more people. This job allows me to be home with my kids most of the time while also contributing financially. It is a good, good gift, and I’m so thankful to do it.

I grew up in church, went to a Christian college, have lived in communities that are majority Christian, and I still find myself wrestling with the core concepts of faith and grace and redemption. I want to know God in a real way, and I believe He put people in our lives to be a reflection of Him. I pray that’s what you see here – a bunch of gals who love Jesus and just want to share who He is and how He’s showing up for us in the simple, messy, hard, beautiful day to day moments.

~ Ali Hofmeyer