Do you ever walk by all the vitamins in the grocery store and wonder what you should be taking, if any at all?
💊 Supplements have three basic “S” functions when it comes to helping you reach optimal health. Support, Stimulation and Substitution.

1️⃣ Support: Our bodies are under incredible stress from both external things like the environment to internal things like food sensitivities. This stress wears down our bodies. Supplements can support our systems as they recover, helping them to heal.

2️⃣ Stimulation: Sometimes we need vitamins to help to stimulate the system until it is able to do it on its own.

3️⃣ Substitution: We may need to substitute with supplements when our systems are lacking “normal” production. (For instance, I do not have a gallbladder which means I must take digestive enzymes to make up for the missing enzymes my gallbladder would produce).

Chances are you need to add some supplements into your daily routine. Follow along as we start a new health series on Supplementing to a healthier YOU!

~ Kimber Krosschell
Studies Functional Diagnostic Nutrition at the FDN Academy

Photo by Kayla Maurais on Unsplash